“Marie is a rare find. She is more than I could have wished for in a caregiver”

Linda, Boca Raton, FL


“I was very happy with DiMi Nursing service. I used their service after my hip surgery and Anna helped me get back on my feet and make a full recovery”

Lennie, Delray Beach, FL


“Excellent day help”

Hugh, Boynton Beach, FL


“Our mother’s caregiver Marie is the perfect match. Our mother is a difficult woman to please and we tried several other agencies without success. We have been pleased with my mother’s care and have been with DiMi Nursing service for the last 3 years. Marie has become a part of the family and even travels and goes on vacation with my mother.”

Janice, New York, NY


“Very satisfied with everyone you sent. Your caregivers were a god send”

David, Tamarac, FL


“Luis was excellent as a nurse’s aide for my husband. My husband adored him. He was attentive to his every need. I would highly recommend your company”

Shirley, Delray Beach, FL


“My aide from DiMi Nursing has made my life much better. I was struggling after having a fall and breaking my arm and hip. I couldn’t get comfortable and it was difficult for me to do anything for myself. I was getting so depressed in rehab and my daughter called Dimi for help. My aide Patricia came into the rehab in the morning and helped me get dressed and took me for walks and to activities during the day. It really lifted my spirits. When I was discharged she came home with me to help out. I don’t need her anymore but will definitely call DiMi if I need help in the future.”

Shirley, Boynton Beach, Fl


“My husband recently had a stroke. His aide Alberto takes such good care of him and is wonderful. He practices his exercises with him at home on days the therapist isn’t at the house. My husband is making excellent progress and is walking again thanks to Alberto’s help. I would highly recommend DiMi to anyone looking for an aide for their loved one.”

Joyce, West Palm Beach, FL


“Ann Marie my grandmother’s caregiver is wonderful. She has given my grandmother her life back. My grandmother was depressed after her Parkinson’s got worse and she was unable to walk or take care of herself. Now with the help of Ann Marie she goes shopping, out to restaurants and to the beach.”

Elizabeth, Jupiter, FL


“Dimi Nursing took of my husband for 5 years. He had dementia and could be quite a handful and I couldn’t manage him on my own. He passed away recently but I don’t know what I would have done without their help.”

Betty, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


“DiMi Nursing gave me my life back. I had a terrible fall where I broke my Pelvis and I was told I would never walk again. It was a slow recovery and I had help for 7 months but now I can walk again and no longer need the help. My family lives out state but the people that wok for DiMi all treated me family and would come by to check on me. I have recommend DiMi to my friends and neighbors and they have also had positive experiences with them.”

Phyllis, Lakeworth, FL


“Dimi provided a wonderful caregiver that was always on time.”

John, Boca Raton, FL


“My husband’s aide Lewis is professional, courteous and always on time. What a gentleman. I can’t say enough good things about DiMi Nursing and Lewis. DiMi Nursing is Top Notch!!”

Eleanor, Boynton Beach, FL


“My grandfather is a very independent man that founded a major corporation. After he retired he developed Dementia and starting becoming forgetful. He would always refuse help because he was worried it would look like he was sick to his friends and didn’t want people to think he was an invalid. He would refuse to even listen to anyone no matter how much we begged. When he was in rehab the last time the social worker recommended DiMi Nursing. They sent a representative to the rehab to meet him and find the right match. They recommended we have his aide dress in regular clothes instead of scrubs and to call them assistants instead of aides. I wasn’t sure it was going to work but they clicked and he liked his new assistant immediately. When they go to the clubhouse in his community he tells everyone she is his personal assistant.”

Bill, Philadelphia, PA


“Excellent Service, Quality Care Givers”

Edwin, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


“My mother lives in Florida and my siblings and I live all over the US. We had to take turns flying to Florida to check on her. She had several falls and kept going to the hospital. It was stressful for all of us being so far away and feeling helpless but we all had jobs we couldn’t leave for long. My mom refused to move closer or go to an assisted living. We were at our wits end when one of her neighbors told us about DiMi Nursing. We were able to interview caregivers to find the right fit for my mom. They also have a care manager that goes with her to doctor’s visits and makes sure that he medications are being taken properly and reports back to us. My mom hasn’t been back to the hospital since they started and we are all relieved to have her in such good hands.”

Judy, Providence, RI